Starbucks and M&S Try Out Eco-Friendly Freezer Trucks


starbucksStarbucks, along with Marks & Spencer have just recently began testing new delivery trucks that are manufactured to be eco-friendly. The trucks, which are called FrostCruise, do not rely on the vehicle’s engine to administer their cooling process, and they release zero emissions compared to normal cooling trucks which release around 63.4 kilograms per day. They use liquid nitrogren cooled to -196 degrees Celsius to chill the truck’s interior and keeping the entire process eco-friendly and quiet. The delivery trucks do not produce any noise, which earned them the UK Noise Abatement Society’s quiet delivery certificate.

Stores are beginning to test these types of eco-friendly cooling systems that preserve energy, and the UK grocery chain Sainsbury’s declared that it would be implementing the world’s first naturally refrigerated trailed to move both chilled and frozen foods across the country. Eco-friendly refrigeration systems are becoming more popular as the technology advances, allowing for the preservation of energy and a positive impact on the environment.