Siemens Announces New Smart Meter Technology

Siemens along with a company called Green Energy Options have announced the launch of what they are calling a pioneering solution for the deployment of Smart Meters in Multi-Dwelling Buildings.

The companies hope to address a problem with installing smart meters in multi-unit buildings across Europe where the appropriate infrastructure is often lacking within the building to support the proper deployment of the technology.

The development is expected to lead to a greater deployment of smart meters in European urban areas where a significant portion of the population lives within multi-unit dwellings.  Smart Meters have been shown to be powerful tools for energy efficiency and consumer transparency into their electricity and gas usage.  In places like Texas, where they are widely deployed, they have also led to creative new energy plans such as prepaid electricity.  Because they monitor usage in real time, electricity can be consumed much like cell phone minutes are today.  When consumers can see their usage in real time it could lead to a much more judicious use of electricity.

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