Rebates Will Encourage Texans To Purchase Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

A new incentive program recently approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will in the future enable Texas residents who purchase cleaner fuel cars to claim $2,500 rebates. Approximately 3.8 million annually was allocated by the Legislature for the rebates, which is funded by vehicle registration fees. This move is expected to encourage consumers to purchase more environmentally friendly cars.

Some of the cars that will qualify for this incentive include pure electric vehicles, vehicles that run only on natural gas, or a combination of natural gas and gasoline, as well as plug-in hybrids. Tesla electric vehicles will not qualify for the program though, because they are sold directly to customers and not through dealerships.

Officials have not yet determined a start date for when the incentive will come into effect but it is likely that it will start around late April or early may of 2014. As soon as the details have been finalized, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will publish it on their website.  According to the website, many electric providers in Texas are offering electricity plans such as free nights and weekends that are targeted toward electric vehicle owners.