EDF Implores BLM To Take Oil And Gas Wastage More Seriously

natural gasThe wastage of natural gas is one that is of great concern to the Environmental Defense Fund. As a result, the company used the recent public forum hosted by the Bureau of Land Management in Washington, D.C. to present a testimony calling on the agency to accelerate action to reduce the wastage of the commodity. In the testimony, EDF also asked BLM to ensure that impact to the public health and climate is minimal as it relates to any gas and oil developments.

BLM is the largest single agency in the federal government tasked with land management. The 700 million acres that the agency oversees is testament to this. The agency is also responsible for natural resources such as oil and gas that are located on these lands.

EDF is concerned that the agency’s policies in regards to flaring and venting are ancient and therefore obsolete. The policies are over 30 years old which means that there are currently no policies in place to govern wastage of natural gas.

EDF’s testimony admonished BLM to honor its responsibility to ensure minimal wastage as well as the safety of the public. They should also take into consideration the available technologies available to reduce methane emissions and implement policies accordingly.